Duranta Goldiana or Golden Duranta

Adding Duranta can brighten any landscape and it does make a gorgeous edge or hedge plant.

For a formal look, feel free to prune it. Allow normal growth for a more casual appearance. Towards the end of the season, it may produce white/lavender flowers, small berries adding color contrast to the foliage.

For the best landscape effect, plant Duranta in full sun or no more than partial shade. Feed monthly with water-soluble fertilizer to keep your Duranta in peak form.

You can have it as an hedge to your landscape or you can shape it.

Duranta Goldiana /Golden Duranta
Duranta Goldiana /Golden Duranta

Duranta is very tolerant of pruning, so don’t be afraid to give your plants a trim every once in a while to keep them neat.

By maintaining your duranta well  you can enjoy the beauty it brings to your garden.