Common name: Jacobinia, Flamingo plant, Brazilian plume flower.

Botanical name: Justicia carnea

Native: India, Africa and America.

Life cycle habit:  Perennials.

Plant type: Shrub

Pests and Diseases: Usually not affected by pests but occasionally – Nematodes , spider mites and caterpillars chew the foliage, but these will not kill the plant.

Jacobinia/ Justicia carnea is an upright, evergreen shrub which grows 6 to7 feet tall and around 5-6 feet wide. It has large, around 6-inch-long, dark green leaves and upwardly facing feather like, tubular, slightly fragrant flower clusters. Flower clusters come in yellow, orange, rose-purple, Lavender, red and white. Flowers periodically but throughout the year. Before branching many stems appear from the center of  the  plant and rise straight up

Justicia Carnea
Justicia Carnea

Named after the 18th century Scottish gardener James Justice the plant has an outstanding ornamental feature it could be ideal for use as border, in mass planting, container or above-ground planter. It can also be trained into fence or trellis etc. It is well suited in front of a green shrubbery border to create a alluring color scape throughout.

It is usually a shade loving plant but can flourish in sunny spots also. Requires good watering. Always keep the soil moist. Fertilize once a month.You can cut back the lanky stems to maintain a nice shape.

Flowers are used as cut flowers and can be propagated from cuttings.

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