Common name: Dusty Miller

Botanical name: Senecio cineraria

Native: western and central Mediterranean region

Life cycle habit:  Annuals/Perennials.

Plant type: Shrub

Pests and Diseases: No pests and diseases noticed. Even though its water requirements are less water them quiet often during prolonged hot months to avoid leaf rust.

Dusty miller or Senecio Cineraria is an interesting addition to any landscape. It is grown and known for its silvery white foliage. Dusty miller is a favorite in any garden because it matches well with everything. Its silvery white color fine textured foliage creates a beautiful contrast against other plants green foliage. They become attractive companions for other blooms in the garden.

Scenecio Cineraria’s leaves are silver white and woolly like when felt, they are shallow to deeply incised and 6-8 inches long and arranged in an alternate way. They can grow to a height of 2 feet.

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller plant can adapt to any soil types but well drained. It needs regular watering till the roots are firm and totally developed. Once the roots are developed it does not ask watering hence has earned its place in the garden as easy to grow plant and for withstanding heat and drought like situations.

Dusty miller care is minimal when the plant is established. Likes full sun. even though  Dusty miller has small yellow blooms they are not showy, so it is better to cut off the flowers once they appear to encourage more foliage. If they become leggy during the growing season cut them back by up to half and they will quickly fill up.

Dusty Miller can be used as a background plant for low growing shrubs can be used effectively in borders and in rock gardens too. Foliage of Dusty miller makes an excellent backdrop to cut flower arrangements especially with red roses.

The foliage makes an excellent backdrop to cut flowers in floral arrangements. It is spectacular with red roses

Propagation: By cuttings from semi-hard stem tips during hot seasons, and by seed. Do not cover the seed.

All parts of plant are poisonous be careful.

 Happy gardening………………….