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Stevia: A safe, Natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Common name: Honey Plant, Sugar Plant. Sanskrit: Madhu Patra.

Botanical name: Stevia rebaudiana.

Native: Paraguay.

Plant type: Herb.

Stevia or Honey plant is an herb which grows about 2’-3’in height and about 1’-2’in width and is said to be a major source of bio-sweetener. It is 20 times sweeter and far healthier than sugar. Since ages Stevia leaves have been used by Guarani Indians in Paraguay for many ailments.

Stevia leaves
Stevia leaves

Stevia is something unique, the sweetening agents in the leaves have zero calorific, carbohydrate free and this brings new hope for diabetics. Apart from this it also stimulates the release of insulin and regulates the response to glucose, particularly in cases of type 2 diabetes and hence is considered to be a far healthier option than any other artificial sweeteners.

 Apart from diabetics studies have revealed that stevia is also an, natural anti bacterial and anti viral agent and has shown promising results in tackling high blood pressure. As stevia has the potential to inhibit growth of oral bacteria, there are generally lower cases of colds and flu among stevia usersIt can be used in your regular Tea, Coffee, juices, baked, cooked food etc.


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A word or caution: People with low blood sugar should avoid stevia as it could lead to a drastic drop in blood sugar levels.

other wise  Stevia is a valuable sweetening source for patients with sugar restrictions.


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