Common name:  Abelia Grandiflora

Botanical name: Glossy Abelia

Native: Italy

Life cycle habit:  Perennial

Plant type: shrub

Pests and Diseases:  Anthracnose, leaf spots, powdery mildew, and fungal root rots.

Abelia Grandiflora shrubs are one of those old fashioned plants that became very popular because of its interesting foliage, showy flowers, reliable performance and simple care.Abelia grandiflora has a very attractive leaf pattern, during summer months the foliage is red and in other months when there is not much heat it becomes much more deeper and fragrant flowers in several blooms with clusters of tubular frilly pink and white. With this pattern Abelia grandiflora stands for a longtime use in the landscape

Abelia Grandiflora
Abelia Grandiflora
Abelia grandiflora can reach up to 3-6 feet in height and with equal spread. They like full sun and can come up quiet will in semishade areas too.Medium watering is reqired with fertilization while flowering. The glossy abelia plant grows in a variety of soil types, but responds best to a well drained, fertile soil fed with organic matter. Flowers attract butterflies and bees.Glossy Abelia shrub makes a fine hedge, border plant and also as ascreening plant.It is also used to combat erosion or soil along the banks.

These gracefully arching, scented flowering easy to maintain shrub will add year round interest to any garden and will be an assest to any landscape.


Root tip cuttings in early spring or late summer.

Happy gardening………………