Common name:  Carmona Microphylla Hedge, Carmona Microphylla Edge, Bonsai plant.

Botanical name: Carmona microphylla, Ehretia buxifolia, Malphigia, Hindi –Pala,Kannada –Ennebute, Tamil –Kattuvettilai and in Telugu – Bupanaburi.

Native: China.

Life cycle habit:  Annual/Perennial.

 Plant type: shrub, Ground cover.

Pests and Diseases: No pest and disease problems noticed.

Carmona microphylla is other wise called as Bonsai plant as it is most used in Bonsai. This versatile plant has small leaves which are irregular in shape and with waxy shine on the top surface.They are profusely branched and when pruned it branches even more. Carmona microphylla has a very long life and it is easy to grow.

Carmona Microphylla
Carmona Microphylla

Carmona microphylla loves sun light but at the same time it grows well in semi shade as well but keep it at least for an hour in the morning sun if kept as indoor plant. Primarily Carmona microphylla is grown for its foliage. Their flowers are white but not so modest in appearance, but they flower year long. They do have red berries.

Carmona Microphylla bonsai
Carmona Microphylla Bonsai

Requires moderate watering and this versatile plant can fit into many places in your land scape. It can be used as an auspicious Feng Shui plant, making bonsai,cut foliage, Used as hedges and borders,extensively used for topiary.It attracts butterflies,birds and bees.

In the Philippines, the leaves are used medicinally to treat coughs, colic, diarrhea, and dysentery.

Propagation through cuttings and seeds.

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