Common name: Graceful Bromeliad,Popcorn plant.

Botanical name: Aechmea Gracilis .

Native: Brazil

Life cycle habit:  perennials

Plant type: Herb

Pests and Diseases: Mealybugs .

Graceful Bromeliad’s are medium,straight and like an open vase in appearance with different colored cone(bracts) holds the  blooms(flowers). Surrounded with yellowish light green leaves. These cone like blooms look like match sticks attached to a cone and they come in various colors. Aechmea gracilis produces showy conical flowers from June to August.These blooms lasts for many many days.

Aechmea gracilis
Aechmea gracilis

These low maintenance quick spreading,fancy perennials requires moderate light( not direct sun light), we can say filtered sun light. Graceful Bromeliad’s should always be kept moist i.e., regular watering to a dept or 12”or more is required and see to it that the soil does not dry out. Well drained and well composted soil is required for good and healthy blooms. Fertilize them at the time of blooming.

If kept in pots see to it the plants are transplanted into larger containers periodically as they grow. or they become pot/root-bound and their growth is retarded. These Bromeliad’s are probably the most reliable bloomers in indoor conditions.

Can be used in group planting, as fillers along the path way where there is medium sun light through out the day, in parks and public gardens etc.

Propagation is through division of roots.

Happy gardening……………………….