Maidenhair Ferns :

Common name: Maidenhair fern

Botanical name: Adiantum capillus -Veneris

Native: Throughout the world.

Life cycle habit: Annual/Perennial.

Plant type: Fern

Pests and Diseases: No serious insect or disease problems.

Adiantum capillus veneris is a Latin word meaning Adiantum- unwetted. Capillus-hair. Veneris – venus. This is also called Venus maidenhair fern. Unwetted because, its leaves repel water.

Maidenhair ferns

Maidenhair ferns grow nearly two feet height and with same spread. They do have creeping and drooping habit and are deciduous in nature (Shedding or losing foliage at the end of the growing season).It grows in wet regions and you may have seen them in cracked rocks where there will always be moist/wet(water oozing out from the cracks of rocks) and also on boulders along streams and rivers -here they grow wild and spread like mad, the leaves will die out quickly if the soil is not moist. These are non flowering and grow well in partly/full shade. Leaves may scorch in direct sun light.

Leaflets are soft, delicate, finely textured are very attractive. They are ½” long and resembling fan like. These low maintenance plants can be used as ornamental fern for shaded areas or near the water body and one thing is for sure that  it is very difficult to duplicate the growing conditions.

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