Common name: Dwarf tree fern, Silver lady fern.  Botanical name: Blechnum Gibbum Native: Fiji islands. Life cycle habit: Annual/Perennial. Plant type: Fern Pests and Diseases: But be careful of   Aphids, caterpillars and mealy bugs.

Dwarf tree fern is an evergreen tropical, non flowering fern with many feather-like fronds in a bunch. Its trunk reaches to about 3 feet height at the time of maturity. Leaflets of each frond are shiny green and with a slight droop. Fronds can reach up to 3 feet spread in suitable growing conditions.

These dwarf tree ferns are reasonably fast growing compared to other tree ferns. They have both sterile and spore bearing fronds. These ferns can be grown in wide range of climate. These dwarf tree ferns does well when shielded from direct sun light. They do extremely well out doors especially under the branches of large shade trees. If kept indoors to keep it in sun one to two hours during sunrise and sunset.

Dwarf tree fern
Dwarf tree fern

Ferns require quiet moist soil, so do water them regularly or often as necessary to keep the top 1-2 cm soil always moist. But, never allow them to stand in water. Requires well drained, compost enriched soil and they are shy to transplant. All fronds turn yellow in a year so cut them away where the stems meet the main trunk. You can add liquid fertilizer or compost once in 6 months. Dwarf tree ferns make an interesting under tree ground cover if planted close enough. Potted plants make them a attractive centre plant if displayed in a large patio. It is a gardeners delight to add them as a large green presence in shady area of the landscape. Propagation is from spores. happy gardening…………………………………