Pleasure of showers :

For any garden Monsoon (rains) season is the best part of the year. Monsoon is the time when plants need least amount of watering and is the best time to do all you’re digging and planting. Take full advantage of the season and let your plants take the pleasure of the showers and don’t forget to nourish the existing ones.


One good rain is equal to seven irrigation’s. After a thunder storm if you observe your plants you can notice them refreshed with full of new life. What may be the reason? Well, when lightning accompanies thunderstorms can aid to add nitrogen to the soil. You already know that the atmosphere comprises of about 78% Gaseous nitrogen which is unusable by plants and these are made plant – usable by the electrical discharge that occur during the thunderstorm in the form of precipitation and off course major nitrogen fixation is done by microorganisms in the soil.

Apart from fixing nitrogen rains remove dust which would have settled on the leaves that may interfere the absorption of sunlight/Photosynthesis. Chemicals from your pesticides and fertilizers can accumulate in the garden soil rain water penetrates the soil and drives the chemicals and salts down away from the roots and that is why shallow watering is advised.

Pests and weeds also fungus are some of  the  threats in monsoon and the best way to get rid of  them is by nourishing the soil by applying good amount of organic fertilizers just before the monsoon sets in.

Knowing the beneficial effects of rainwater on plants and if your area is not polluted with industries you can collect rain water for later use in watering your gardens. This process is very simple – what you need to do is to put a 50 or 100 ltr container with tap beneath the spout /or connect your spout from roof to the container with a flexible plastic pipe ,when the container is full you can connect a watering hose to the tap which is in the bottom of the container and run the water into the garden, you can also use it for your drip system ( for small house gardens).


Happy gardening…………monsoon is the right time to add color to your garden.