10 Most common plants in Indian homes.

As our country India is known for its diverse culture so is our garden, which has variety of colorful plants. Our tropical weather helps garden plants to thrive well and that’s why we find many common plants in many of our homes. As we have a strong desire for flowers you can see the most of our garden filled up with flowering plants. Many of the plants in India have religious importance and the best example is Holy Basil (Tulsi).

Here are some of the most familiar garden plants which you would have noticed in many homes…………..and these are the most easily growing plants too.


Holy Basil/Tulsi –

Tulsi, Queen of Herbs, the legendary “Incomparable One” of India, is one of the holiest and most cherished of the many healing and health-giving herbs of the orient. Dark or Shyama tulsi and light or Rama tulsi are the two main varieties of basil, Shyama or Krishna Tulsi. You can find it in all Hindu homes as it is considered the holiest of all plants. This holy plant has earned a very special place in the heart and home of every Hindu and that’s why they are planted in special pots or a special masonry structure known as Vrindavan/Brindavan.



Rose –

Roses are one of the most beautiful, fragrant flowers that one can plant in their garden. Any variety of rosé will be a wonderful addition to your garden and adds happiness to your home. These gorgeous flowering plants do not require lot of care. All they really need is a sunny spot with good drainage and little of manure/fertilizer during the flowering periods. Rose plants range in size from compact, miniature to climbers and hybrids. Roses are one of the most popular flowers for both domestic and commercial cut flowers.


Hibiscus –

There are more than hundred species of hibiscus and they come in variety of sizes and colors but the most loved ones are the five lobed petals with center stalk. You can find this flowering plant in most of the homes In India.  Hibiscus flowers are not only used for religious purposes but also as medicine. In Ayurveda the white and red ones are considered to have more medicinal properties than the rest. Its root concoction is a remedy for cough and hair related problems. Many use its flowers and leaves (grinded) as a shampoo and conditioner.



Areca palm –

This is the most common plant you find it in many homes. These plants are more commonly grown indoors than out. Areca palms are slow growing, easy to care, attractive and handsome plants and the fashion is bigger is better. The most suitable place for these is the corners. These can even reach 10’ height when kept indoors and out side it may be as tall as 25feet. In many homes Areca palms are used as screening plants and they act as air purifiers also.


Money plant –

Money plant is an immensely popular houseplant. It is considered as a lucky plant which brings Health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in the house. This is a perennial climber with heart-shaped dark green shiny leaves found in every second household blooming in its glory. Apart from growing in the house as an indoor plant to add to the decor money plant in Feng Shui is considered to be a lucky plant that brings monetary gain and good fortune.


Tabernamontana –

Tabernaemontana  is a popular garden shrub mainly because it is a yearlong profuse bloomer. It grows well in any or almost any soil types. With well fed soil it will flourish in all its glory. Flowers with creamy white-with sweet fragrant -5 petals. You can see blooms almost all year and has a wonderful spicy fragrance that can be carried away for a good distance all time. The juice of the flower is used for all eye disease as well as a rejuvenator for eyes and is most commonly used while preparing homemade Maskara/Kaajal.


Jasmine –

The jasmine plant is a source of exotic fragrance.. The plants may be vines or bushes and some are evergreen. Jasmine is called the queen of flowers.You can find jasmine vines on arbors, trellises, fences etc. The jasmine flower releases its fragrance at night after sun set. Jasmine flower buds are more fragrant than the flowers. Flowering of jasmine takes place in summer. Flowers of Jasmine are used in religious offerings too. These sweet fragrant flowers have a refreshing effect.


Bougainvillea –

Bougainvillea’s are extremely hardy plant with showy colorful blossoms. These are nearly pest free and disease resistant plant.You can see them in pots as a specimen plant,or on a trellis or spread vertically on an wall or on fence. There are more than 50 varieties with vibrant colors and each one can exhibit plentiful of color and show if looked properly. In front of Bougainvillea other flowering plants look pale.

Nerium oleander Petite Red

Nerium Oleander –

This ever green, medium, compact shrub is widely seen in homes. These low maintenance plant flowers almost all months of the year and in especially in summer it blankets the whole shrub. Flowers vary from red, pink, white, yellow, cream and the most commonly seen are the single form red ones  which are also considered auspicious to be offered to Hindu deities. Some of them are scented too.


Aglaonema –

Aglaonema’s are extremely popular beautiful house plant. There are more than 20 species of this beautiful plant. The leaves of each species differ in shape and color. The beauty of this plant is that they can do well inside as well as outside and can survive in poorly lighted or badly ventilated area in your home.

happy gardening…………………………..