Ficus Repens –

Ficus repens is a very common creeper which you might have seen crawling up the walls of big houses. It is also called as climbing fig. Native to Japan, China and Vietnam. Ficus repens will attach itself firmly to any walls, fences, trees etc. Its aggressive growth covers large areas quickly and it is an excellent way to decorate your outer walls.

Ficus Repens
     Ficus Repens

These vigorous evergreen vines have simple small heart shaped leaves and on maturity it turns leathery dark green thick leaves.

Ficus repens can grow in any type of soil. Watering to be done thoroughly until it reaches at least 2”. Keep the soil moist always.

Fertilize monthly once with liquid fertilizer, Compost or manure.

Creeping figs vine gets older day by day and it can get woody and the leaf also get s older as days go, so you can prune them back the mature parts to help them re-grow with more leaves.

A word of caution – you be aware once you have planted a Ficus repens and once it gets attached itself to a wall it can be very difficult to remove and if tried you can damage the surface that the creeping fig attaches to.

Apart from using it a s a climbing creeper you can even grow them in containers or in hanging pots.

Propagation is through stem cuttings.

This easy to grow creeper is a care free, easy going plant and growing them  can bring more beauty to your home.

Beware of Aphids and sooty mold.

Happy gardening…………………………………………………………