Pilea Spruceanea –

Pilea Spruceanea  is a beautiful  plant, a native of Vietnam grown for its attractive foliage. Pilea Spruceanea is also known as Friendship plant. Pilea comes in several color and in addition to its color its wrinkled, textured foliage makes it a unique plant.

Pilea’s dark green leaves have silver markings between the veins on the upper raised leaf surface.

Pilea’s can be a very good Vivarium plant. Pilea’s come down in show as it ages and one may have to plant new ones every year because of its fast growing habits and very attractive it is worth growing them. Pilea Spruceana can grow up to 6” under ideal light conditions and it spreads horizontally.

Pilea Spruceana
Pilea Spruceana

Pilea’s ask lot of water and it even enjoys dampness. Needs low light and can come up well under a big tree or shrub as a ground cover. Direct sun light is fatal for Pilea’s. If your are placing them indoor you can put them behind the window curtains to avoid direct sun.

You can mist Pilea’s once a week to keep them humid. Placing in a tray with pebbles will also help to raise humidity.

If in pots or containers to keep them bushy you can prune long branches and pruning also encourages the plant to branch.

You can fertilize once in 2 months with organic fertilizers or NPK half the prescribed dose.

Pileas are very easy to propagate with stem tip cuttings.

Do not get confused with  pellonia’s – https://www.gardendiary.info/2015/12/08/pellionia/

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