Turnera Ulmifolia –

Also known as Yellow Butter cups, Sage rose etc is a native to West indies and Mexico is a woody perennial shrub with dark green leaves which are clustered at the tips of the branch they  grow dense  and compact and can reach up to 2 ½  feet in height.
Its bright yellow flower against dark green leaves which are in the shape of butter cups can be a sight in any landscape.

Turnera’s are drought tolerant and is very ideal for rock gardening. It can adopt to full sun and partial sun too. It needs well drained soil with medium water requirements with low maintenance. You can fertilize them once a way may be once in 4 months with decomposed organic matter. It becomes leggy and quiet tall if not pruned periodically. Pruning them will also keep them bushy It performs well in group plantings.

Turnera Ulmifolia
         Turnera Ulmifolia

Turnera bloom sporadically the whole year, they bloom in the mornings and last most of the day. It can be used as a ground cover, as border plant or in container. Even though growing Turnera is not so complicated but one should watch out for pests like white flies, aphids and scale insects.

This plant is quiet aromatic and attracts butterflies, bees and birds. Butter cups are propagated by seed/cuttings.

Turnera ulmifolia is used medicinally in the Bahamas island to treat  constipation, cold and flu menstrual cramps and skin problems.

Happy gardening…………………………