Peacock Plant –

Calathea Makoyana or Peacock Plant or Cathedral window plant is a wonderful plant mainly because it has all the elegance and beauty of a Peacock’s tail.

It makes a lovely addition to any home or garden with its beautiful pale green leaf with dark green bold and attractive markings. They are also very attractive when young- when new leaves grow they are rolled up and a beautiful pinkish red underside is exhibited. Both surface top and the bottom of the leaves have very fine lines running from the central vein in a V-shape to the leaf edges.

Originally from Brazil this plant is a popular choice around the world. It can reach up to 2’ in height if taken care properly.

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White Flowers may be seen on mature plants, but they are insignificant. They appear periodically throughout the year.

Peacock plant leaves are very delicate and as this plant loves humid conditions it loves to be misted now and then. Fluoride in water can some time damage their leaves.

Peacock plant grows well in indirect sun light – Sensitive to direct light. Need moist soil. Fertilize them once in two months –with nitrogen rich fertilizers to avoid pale foliage. It is better to use organic manure as little more of chemical fertilizers can severely damage the plant. 


If in pot you need to re pot once in 2 years.


Beware of leaf eating caterpillars, mites and Beatles. Less humidity means brown tips of leaves. Root rot – Due to over watering.


Propagation is usually done at the time of re potting. Propagation is by division of roots.

happy gardening………………..