Euphorbia Geraldii (Kiss Me Quick, Thorn less Euphorbia)

A thorn less  Euphorbia, this  semi succulent shrub from Madagascar is also known as Kiss Me Quick or Thorn less Euphorbia.

Euphorbia Geraldii produces nonstop show of bright red flowers with yellow centers on glossy green foliage with light red margin. Kiss me quick can grow up to 2’tall and can be trained into a beautiful small tree or can be pruned to make them bushy.

The is no season for its show Giving the right conditions Thorn less euphorbia  produces Non-Stop bright glowing red flowers throughout the year.

Euphorbia Geroldii
Euphorbia Geroldii

Euphorbia Geraldii is a fast growing thorn less ornamental house plant, they like semi shade area but bright sun is needed for at least an hour in a day to keep this plant healthy. Direct sun more than an hour will leave them severely scorched. It required well drained soil. Water them flexibly but thoroughly outdoors see to it that at least 2” top soil is wet and  if potted until water comes out through the drain holes. You can fertilize them once in two months. The only time they stop flowering are the most cold days.

A word of caution – Euphorbia geraldii produces milky sap that has been known to cause burning and blistering of the skin. It is highly poisonous if any parts are eaten.

Humming birds and butterflies love them, propagation by cuttings.

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