Cuphea Ignea (Cigar Plant)

Cuphea ignea also known as Cigar plant is an easy to grow small  little ever green shrub with prolific red/ brilliant orange  blooms that have black and white lips like, especially

the white rim – in a tubular shape in appearance of a cigar being lit and hence the common name. Some of them call them fire cracker plant (do not get confused with Russelia Equisetiformis ‎.) Cigar plants are native to Mexico and the West indies.


Cigar plants bloom all year round. Cigar plants flowers in full bloom in full sun and they can come up well in partial shade too. They can reach up to 3’ in height and in spread also. You need to water them regularly for profuse blooms. They need well drained soil. Fertilize them once in 2 months.

Occasional pruning helps them to maintain their round and attractive form.

Cigar flower plant can be used as borders or as beds, wall sides, wall corners and as container plants.

Propagation is through seeds and cuttings.

Cigar plants are generally pests and disease free.

These year round flowering shrubs which have outstanding ornamental features are a nice addition to any landscape.

Favorite to  HUMMINGBIRDS and they attract other birds, bees, & butterflies too

happy gardening……………………………………..

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