Bridal Fern or Asparagus Plumosus –

Asparagus Plumosus is also called as Bridal fern, Climbing fern, lace fern etc., Native to South Africa and grown everywhere as an ornamental plant.

Bridal ferns are evergreen climbing perennials with hard green stems which can reach to a great height. Bridal ferns beauty lies in its Foliage which are flat soft green fern like and matured plant have small greenish-white bell shaped flowers which has got     no ornamental importance and with green berries which turns black with maturity.

Lace ferns like to be in bright light but not direct sun light. Direct sun light can scorch its leaves. They can do well indoors also. Water plentiful during the growing period and see to it the top soil is quiet wet but never allow standing water. Feed them with once in 15 days in growing period once in 2 months when fully grown.


If in pot every year if the plants are over grown move them into pots one size larger until they are.

Propagation is usually done by dividing overcrowded clumps. You can propagate them through seeds also but the growth is slow.

Usually problems like yellowing and falling of leaves happen if they are kept in direct sun and if it is too dry and root rot if over watered.

If you do not want them to climb you can prune them and keep them low.  Bridal ferns foliage is extensively used in floral arrangements.


happy gardening…………………………………………………

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