Garden care in summer –

Summer has arrived and this is the time you expect results of all your hard work /efforts which you had shown the whole year in bringing up your garden. Summer is the time to blossom. Summer adds color and beauty to your garden. In summer months the surroundings gets warmer and with rise in temperature some plants will prosper and others will struggle but with your extra care-efforts and love you can actually keep  your garden fresh and attractive.

Summer is also quiet a problematic season for your garden and it is the time for you/gardeners to solve all your garden issues to sustain the charm of your garden.

By taking basic precautionary measures like mulching, weeding, watering and fertilizing you can maintain the appearance of your garden fresh and attractive.

Mulching over the soil is one of the best things to shield the dirt from the sun and it acts as blanketing the ground. You can spread a 2 inch thick layer of organic matter, shredded wood, straw, grass clippings from your lawn, fallen leaves etc or even a used jute gunny bag ( see to it that it is wet always) as mulch. This keeps the soil cool, your roots happy and prevents moisture loss from evaporation and as days goes by it gets decomposes and adds to your soil structure. Mulching with fallen flowers is an added advantage to your plant, as flowers decomposes quickly it acts as manure and at the same time it protects from moisture loss.

Next is the task of watering and throughout the summer months your garden requires regular and through watering. Deep watering once or twice a week (depending on the wetness of the top layer of the soil) so that the water can penetrate the soil and reach the roots. It is better apply water directly to the ground rather than on the foliage. Water sitting on the leaves can lead to many diseases. When watering your pots water frequently as they can dry out very rapidly. Try to mulch the pots too. U can use coir pith in pots to avoid fast evaporation. In your kitchen garden never allow to dry out. Lawns absorb water more use intelligently. When mowing your lawns in summer do not lower the blades too low. Watering in the early morning and late evenings will decrease the water losses caused by evaporation.

Next big thing is the weeding, weeds just love heat, and they thrive very well in summer. When you notice any weeds in your garden remove them immediately, by this you can control them from spreading and stealing moisture and nutrients from rest of your plants. Weeds can be easily managed when they are young and small and when the ground is moist.

Fertilizing your garden in summer months is quiet challenging as you need to apply fertilizers very cautiously; little more in application can burn the roots due to fast evaporation of moisture. It is better you use organic manure/compost or liquid fertilizers (half the recommended dosage).

To see more blooms remove spent blooms and dead heads.

Some of the most common summer pests and diseases are Black spots, Beetles, Grasshoppers, Powdery mildews and Rust.

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happy gardening……………………………………..