Dieffenbachia –

Dieffenbachia plants are one of the most beautiful plants often grown in many homes and landscapes because of their unique, striking foliage.

Native to Central and South America this broad leaved foliage plant is available in a variety of leaf patterns.

Dieffenbachia’s common name is Dumbcane and this is due to its needle like structures on its foliage, When the leaves are damaged these needle like structures are ejected out causing stinging and burning sensation to animals which tries to feed on them this burning sensation symptoms can stay for  more than a week. This reaction can disable speech, hence its common name.


There are many varieties of Dieffenbachia’s from very small –almost dwarf to very large. The choice is yours and it depends on your choice and all varieties can be easily grown indoors. They can easily reach up to 5’ height – not the dwarf ones.

Dieffenbachia seldom flower’s indoors and the blooms are not showy.

Dieffenbachia plant likes a well drained soil. See to it the soil is kept moist always but not water logging. Fertilize them in the initial growth period and then once grown it does not ask for much.

Dieffenbachia tolerates a wide range of light conditions. They can be grown in dark as well as semi shade but you can get the best out of it in bright indirect light.

Beware of plant rots, Blights and ants and other problems like yellowing or leaves, dropping or leaves, drying of leaves can be controlled by controlled watering.

Propagation by stem cuttings.

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