Aspidistra Elatior –

Aspidistra Elatior, also known as iron plant or Ballroom plant, is quiet a hardy houseplant. Growing cast iron plants is especially liked by those who don’t have much time for plant care but loves plants.

Native of China and Japan this plant is very easy to grow and does not ask for much.


Cast Iron plants grows well in low light and hates direct sun and is not fussy about regular water either. These slow growing plants are reliable performers and can live for many years and can reach up to a height of 3 ft and with same spread.

Aspidistra Elatior
            Aspidistra Elatior

With dark leaves this plant has small purple flowers which are hidden in its foliage near the soil surface.


Feed Aspidistra’s during the initial stages and once grown you can feed them one in three months.


This hardy plants can thrive in very hot conditions and does not easily gets damaged in cold winters also. Hardly any insects attacks is noticed nor disease of any kind.

Cast Iron plant in landscape is a common ground cover or under a huge tree or any hard to grow areas or can be used as a filler plant. There are variegated forms too.

Cast Iron plant with flower
  Cast Iron plant with flower

Using cast iron plant in the landscape is common as a ground cover under trees where other plants fail to thrive and in other “hard-to-grow” areas. You can also use is as a background plant in your flower bed or as in-between filler plant.

Aspidistra Variegata
Aspidistra Variegata

The large leaves are a dust magnet and purifies air. It can be a great addition to cut flower arrangements as the foliage often lasts for weeks.

Propagation is through division although new ones take time you need some patience.

Please note Cast iron plant dislike disturbance of its roots – so re pot occasionally and also note too much of sun light can kill the plant.

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happy gardening……………………………………….