Day lily –

Hemerocallis   is a very common plant in many houses, parks and big landscape gardens. It is also known as Day lily or Tiger lily and are available in wide range of colors from pale yellow to dark reds, maroons etc. Originated from Asia. Hemerocallis comes from two Greek words hemera and kalos meaning Day and Beautiful (Day beauty).

These evergreen perennials can reach up to  2 3 feet in height and the same spread. These are clump forming perennials with arch like grass like leaves and all leaves arise from the base of the plants opposite to each other resulting in fan like appearance and in the middle of these leaves arises a leaf less stalk above the leaves and bears flowers. There are thousands of varieties in day lilies with almost all colors and some are fragrant.

These care free plants are easy to grow and does not ask for much care. All it requires is fertile, well drained soil and some varieties also do well in clay as well as poor drainage soils too. Most of them does well in full sun but can grow in partial shade too but in shade the flowers are less. Red and purple does well in shade. Maintain moist soil during the growing season and other wise medium water needs.

Day lilies are usually grown as mixed borders or along the lawn or as a back drop of a beautiful lawn as their showy flowers are produced over a long period.

Day lilies attract birds, butterflies. Propagation is through division of root clumps.


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