Ludisia (Haemaria) Discolor – 

Ludisia (Haemaria) discolor has a common name Jewel Orchid. Ludisia also known as Haemaria, originally named for its deep red color. Haemaria in Greek means blood, refereeing to the color or the leaves and discolor meaning another color. Ludisia is one of the warmest growing jewel orchids.

Ludisia discolor is native of China, and also from  Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia. Ludisia is grown for its lovely foliage rather than for the flowers.

Ludisia  is a shade loving plant it grows very well in 80%-90%  shade. There are many varieties in Ludisia and in all varieties the leaves are full and dense with curl/twist pattern. They are velvety and quiet beautifully decorated with red-white or golden veins and leaf colors are burgundy to maroon to lush green and this color of the leaves mainly depends on the amount of light the plant receives i.e., in very little light the original dark blood red color will be maintained and more  the light it receives the leaves color fades and becomes pale.

Ludisia Discolor
  Ludisia Discolor

During winter months the plants bloom producing clusters of small white flowers with yellow and red bracts which are fragrant. They can spread easily than grow for height – so often they are wider than they are tall and the flowering stem can be almost double the height of the plant. Flowers can stay up to a month if the temperature is not warm.

Ludisia Discolor Alba
Ludisia Discolor Alba

Ludisia grows well in well drained, slightly damp conditions and you can feed them few times a year. You can feed them once in 3 or 4  months except in the winter months as these plants can be deciduous (plants or trees that shed their leaves annually).

Ideal plants under a big tree, dark areas of your garden, under medium shrubs and if grown indoors see to it the plant gets good ventilation and it also likes high humidity.

Multiplication through cuttings.


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