Asystasia Gangetica –

Asystasia Gangetica is also known as Creeping Fox Glow, Chinese violet, coromandel. This is an attractive, fast spreading, fast growing, not too woody ground cover and if you have a large area which needs to be covered you can try this most rewarding ground beauty.

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This ground cover can reach up to a height of 1’ – 2’. Leaves are dark green and simple. Flowers are creamy colored with purple blue strip on the lower flowers. Flowers stay for a longer time and are followed by capsules of brown seeds.

Creeping fox glow is native of Asia, (India) and Southern Africa. The word Gangetica is derived from Ganges River in India where it is believed the species originated.

Asystasia does well in any type or will drained, composted soil. It can grow in full sun to no sun(Fewer flowers). Need to water often in full sun and minimal water requirements in semi shade and full shade.

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          Asystasia gangetica ‘Variegata’

It attracts honey bees, Humming birds and butterflies. This Chinese beauty can be used as a mass planting under large trees, as borders and it can be used as container plant.

Propagation from cuttings or rooted runners. Its flowers and leaves have medicinal value. It is believed that leaves and flowers have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Most common pest attack is of Dodder (leafless parasitic yellow twine like herb).

You can also find Asystasia Gangetica Variegated also with dark green leaves high lightened with yellow patches.

happy gardening with Asystasia Gangetica………………………………….