Stromanthe sanguine(Triostar)-

Stromanthe sanguine(Triostar) native of Brazil is one of the most exotic houseplant with super attractive foliage  in combination of  reddish maroon and pink on the backside of the leaves, with green and white variegated tops. With proper care and humidity ‘Triostar’ can reach up to 3 feet in height and around 2 feet across.

Stromanthe 1
     Stromanthe 1

This Brazilian beauty does well in well drained soil. Water the soil thoroughly, keep the soil moist but not water logging. Mist the foliage daily. Feed them with regular balanced fertilizer during growing season- may be once in two weeks and once grown once in two months. Does well in partial to full shade areas. Too much exposure to direct sun will burn the smooth textured-shiny-glossy leathery textured leaves.

Stromanthe Plants produce reddish pink flowers in the spring but no match for its dazzling leaves. This strikingly beautiful houseplant never fails to catch the eye. This slow growing beauty adds a beauty indoors but does better on ground.

Stromante 2
                Stromanthe 2

In any landscape it can be use under a big tree or in middle of a shrubbery where there is shade.

No major disease or pests noticed.

Propagation is by division of  rhizome – Divide any overcrowded clumps of leaves just as plants begin to make new growth. 

happy gardening with Stromanthe…………………..