MUSA ‘Siam Ruby’

 ‘Siam Ruby’ or Ornamental Banana is truly an fancy foliage plant , with  huge rich ruby red leaves marked with irregular spots of light green first noticed in  Papua New Guinea, this highly ornamental red-leaved banana entered the international market a decade ago.

The newly emerging leaves look pale green initially but quickly turn deep ruby red with flecks or horizontal streaks of light green. The more sun it receives redder the foliage. Siam Ruby is exclusively grown for its bold foliage.

Ornamental Banana
Ornamental Banana

’Siam Ruby’ grows well in moist, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. These are less tolerant to cold and are susceptible to die back disease. Overall, the hotter the temps and higher the humidity better the color of foliage.

Ornamental bananas need regular moderate watering and more often in extreme heat. Grows very well in loamy and sandy soil. Young plants start out more with green and color sharpens with sun exposure. If all conditions match they grow fast and can reach a height to about 6-8feet.They do flower but not so attractive as their foliage.

These fast growing, broad-long and grace full leaved Ornamental bananas can reach full size within few weeks and it can make your pool side or your Patio more attractive and can be planted as an specimen plant in an big lawn or in the middle of flowering shrubs.

Propagation is by dividing rhizomes.

Happy gardening with ………………MUSA ‘Siam Ruby’