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Edible gum laddu is a nutrition rich supplement for nursing mothers to regain strength and immunity.
It is recommended for intake from 2nd week after delivery up to next 3 – 4 months.

Other names of edible gum laddu:
Hindi Name – Gondh ka Laddu, Kamar Ghut (improves strength of waist of mother)
Kannada name – Antina Unde,English – Stay fit bar.

It is a very nutritious recipe with dried fruits, nuts and it is considered a super food for nursing mothers to regain nutrients.
It helps nursing mother to get back to energy which is lost during the process of the child birth. This can also be a best lunch box snack for the growing kids too.


Edible gum –  Rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium, strengthen back, increase breast milk.
Almond – Good for bone health. Rich source of protein and vitamin E
Cashew nut –Abundant source of essential minerals, Vitamins and good for eyes.
Raisin – Boosts immunity, antioxidants, contains nutrients that can benefit overall health.
Anjeer (dry fig) – Natural sugars, minerals and fibers.
Dates –An excellent source of energy, sugar and fiber, Iron and potassium.
Pistachio –skin health, vision and hair growth. With vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients.
Neem flower – Detoxifies the blood, improves liver health.

Poppy seeds – Has properties which help mind and body to relax and calm down.
Dry dates – Milk booster.
Indian cow Ghee/Desi cow ghee – Richest mineral content. improves breast milk.
Honey – Oldest sweeteners. A miracle and purest form of food. Antioxidant and probiotic.
Moringa/Drum stick – Super food, Increases breast milk, high iron content.
Walnut – Powerful antioxidants and brain tonic.
Nutmeg – Pain reliever, detoxifying, reduce insomnia, immunity development, skin care.
Bengal gram / chickpea – Protein, calcium, B-complex, vitamins & fibre. Lactation booster.
Cardamom – Combat nausea, acidity, bloating, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation etc.
Water melon and Musk melon seeds – Rich in micro-nutrients like selenium, potassium, copper and zinc.
Palm Sugar –Milk production removes sugar from the blood, palm sugar helps to replenish in a natural way.
Ashwagandha – Anti stress, strength and immunity, anti-aging, improves body nourishment, useful in cough, cold, respiratory problems etc
Flax seed – Heart-healthy nutrients, support immune system balance hormone levels and aids digestive system.

Nutrition Chart (Per 100 g)
Protein – 11.3 g,
Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – 15.5 g,
Carbohydrates – 58.0 g,
Calories – 478,
Dietary Fiber – 12.3 g.  

Dosage – 25 gm per day followed by warm milk or water, before food, once per day. Can be taken from 2nd week after delivery till next 3-4 months time.
Available in  1 kg packing.
Shelf life – 6 months from the date of manufacturing.

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