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This is Shashikumar and through  I would like to share my experiences in personal gardening, with you.

On completing an M.Sc in Environment and Ecology I had always wanted to start something new and in my search for such a venture, I was introduced to Smt.Dr.Radhakale of UAS and during my interactions with her, was provided with the opportunity to learn vermicomposting. Thus began a long and eventful journey of entrepreneurial pursuits. With the knowledge of Vermicomposting along with some valuable insights gained through my experience of working in this area, I set up my own unit of composting. All Vemicomposting begins by collecting city green waste and I was no different, must say I was quite successful though. This venture grew from strength to strength.

As my work established, I was soon recognized and I also presented 2 national level papers on “WasteManagement through Vermi-composting” and soon was also featured in a couple of interviews aired on Doordarshan.

Meeting people from different backgrounds and being invited to visit their garden, involving in helping them to start their own small kitchen garden units was pretty much my regular jaunt and routine.

This said, my vocation and dedication towards developing greenery was soon recognized and I was invited by the team at the famous ISKCON temple in Bangalore, who had paid my small unit a vist and greatly appreciated my work. They now sought my expertise in running their waste management unit.

During my tenure with ISKCON, my knowledge and acquaintance with plants grew and in 1998 was introduced to my mentor and guide Dr.G.S.Iyengar.

Dr.G.S.Iyengar renowned Horticulturist and Landscapist  patronized by many a large corporate  today.He was  also  Director of Horticultue and Landscaping  with the Oberoi Hotels.

He was quick to sense my interest in Horticulture and Plant Aesthetics and it was he who introduced and inducted me into the Oberoi Group in the year 2000 – I was appointed as Farm Manager of Mr.P.R.S.Oberoi, Chairman and Managing Director, EIH Group.

During this stint at the Oberoi Group, my mentor Dr. G. S. Iyengar, ingrained in me the fundamentals of gardening, commencing from selection of plants,  the different planting techniques, identification of plant disorders and common diseases by specific species, best practices for their treatment, irrigation systems and allied skills. His guidance continues even to this date, as his repertoire of knowledge is unfathomable in these domains.

Through we are trying to share our experience with you, this may help you to make you a complete gardner.

I welcome your queries and thank you for accepting me as your green counsellor. – email – [email protected]

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