Bio-organic fertilizer

We are happy to introduce JEEVAH, a Bio –organic fertilizer, product of Ponalab Bio growth pvt  ltd, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company for the overall improvement of plants both for your Kitchen garden as well as in Agriculture fields. With JEEVAH we promise you a healthier and a vibrant garden.



JEEVAH has in it life giving

Humic Acid –

Soil contains a wealth of organic matter from decomposed organic matter. A substance known as “humus” is the primary component of that organic matter. As water pass through the soil, it washes away the Humic acids from the humus in soil.  Amount of Humic acid in soil greatly influence the overall fertility of the soil.  Humic acid is environmentally safe, Increase crop yield, Improves soil fertility and microbial activity in the soil and promotes plant nutrient uptake. Edible plants grown in your kitchen garden with application of JEEVAH – (A Bio-organic fertilizer) are often more nutritious than ones that are not fed with.


Sea Weed powder –

Seaweed contains all major and minor plant nutrients, and many trace elements. Seaweed is organic and it has in it plant growth hormones, proteins and amino acids. Seaweed helps better root system, healthier foliage and great resistance to disease and pests.

Amino Acids –

Amino Acids are fundamental ingredients in the process of Protein Synthesis. It helps in improving the micro flora of the soil thereby facilitating the assimilation of nutrients. Amino acids increases chlorophyll concentration in the plant and this in turn leads higher rate of photosynthesis. This makes the plant lush green and fresh. Amino acid helps the absorption and transportation of micronutrients inside the plant tissue.

Direction for use: 

Potted plants – 15-20 granules depending on the pot size.

Lawn – 1-2 gm per sq ft.

Per Acre – 2-3 kg.

Available in – 1 kg pack

Rate – 450/- free shipping.




happy gardening with……………………. JEEVAH  the life.